Hedged Option Trades For Consistent Returns

Hedged Option Trades For Consistent Returns

Nifty Option Trading Strategy for Sept Expiry

Booked Profits of 237 Points  Per Lot from this strategy.Net Profits of INR 35550/- Pocketed.

This was not an expected Profit.Thanks for Surgical Strike .We expected Market to close around 8700 even where we could bag Profits more than 15000 which was in line with our expectation.


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As VIX is low for last few days,a strong move in market is expected .Either it could be a Bullish Storm OR it could be a Sharp Selloff in Panic.

So we expect the option premiums to rise as VIX increases and along with we Plan to earn from Theta decay .Trades Executed on 29th Aug 2016

1.Sold 2 Lots 8600SEP CE @ 127.50

2.Sold 2 Lots 8600SEP PE @ 117.80

3.Bought 2 Lots 8800OCT CE @ 103.80

4.Bought 2 Lots 8500OCT PE @ 102.70


Nifty Option Trading Strategy for AUGUST Expiry

Closed all positions ( 8800CE and 8450PE) in profit

Net Profit of INR 8725 /- in this Trade

Total profits earned in August====INR 15975/-


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Recently Nifty Futures turned Bullish above 8662 and then fallbelow 8614

We entered new Short Trades on Nifty AUG 8800CE and 8450PE 3 Lots each


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Since NiftyFutures Turned Bearish below 8679

We Closed 8900CE at 13.15 (Sold @ 35.70) and Booked Profits of  INR 3350/-

Total Profits in august so Far = INR 7250/- 


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Since the Trend Reversed We Closed 

2 Lots NIFTY 16AUG 8400PE @ 17.50 (Booked profits of INR 3900/-) AND

Sold 2 Lots  NIFTY 16AUG 8900CE @ 35.70

Now there is only Upper Breakeven level below which Profit is Fixed


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As Per Recent Nifty Trend Analysis, We took the following Trades in Nifty Options 


1. Sold 2 Lots NIFTY 16AUG 8400PE @ 43.65

2. Sold 3 Lots NIFTY 16AUG 8900CE @ 45.30

This is a Hedged Trade having Limited Profit in between the following Levels

Upper Breakeven @ 8960

Lower Breakeven @ 8290