, An innovative initiative by Zerodha, An innovative initiative by Zerodha

Zerodha,leading Discount Broker Firm in Indian Stcok Market with more than 50000 trading accounts who constitute the real market traderson Indian Stock Market have came with its leading concept of following Succesful Traders.The concept is announced 1 month before ,but not yet launched due to some regulatory issues.However they are confident in launching the Beta version by the Ist Week of March 2016.

This will be an opportunity for Traders who consistently loose money in markets to follow the trades by Succesful Traders.However for this a subscription charge is imposed which will be ultimately passed on to the Trader subscribed.

But Few questions get unanswered

1. Is it possible to get Realtime updates of the Subscribed Trader and even if he gets so will he be able to get in trade due to time delay in recieving Info and placing order.Most of tthe professional traders will be placing their order as a Trigger Order.So any Breakout or Breakdown from a Support or Resistance level type order cannot be imitated as those levels might not be touched after the Instance

2.Will so many Orders at a Particular level will impact the overall market movement.For eg: 100 number of orders for Buy at 7000 level for 500000 qty might not get absorbed,so that every trader who follows a atar trader couldnt get the exact performance of the Leader.

3.How many of the star traders will be willing to share their trading plan to public.

4.How can a Trader track the details like Risk Reward Ratio,Position sizing ,Win Lose Ratio etc of the Trade or Trader followed.

However as Zerodha's Intraduction of Pi, Pi Bridge,Kite and other innovative Tools and concepts Hope that this will revolutionise the Stock market in a new way Forward